What is Identity Intelligence?

Identity Intelligence begins with entity resolution, which is an automated means of producing accurate profiles of people, organizations and other entities of interest, drawn from disparate records and data sources.

This is only the start, however. Based on accurately resolved identity profiles, it is possible to make connections and draw unique insights, through sophisticated analytics, from massive and complex data. Using these insights, end users are able to make better, faster, and more informed decisions.

Who needs Identity Intelligence?

Identity Intelligence benefits organizations whose missions include gathering and analyzing large quantities of data representing people, places, organizations, etc.

It is especially important in time sensitive scenarios, where an organization's goals include understanding patterns of historical activity and leveraging this knowledge to accurately, and quickly, predict possible outcomes and events.

Smart View - A New Approach

Smart View was developed to tackle the most challenging entity resolution and relationship analysis problems. It relies not on static and cumbersome rules - as many existing technologies do - but on mathematically-based algorithms.

Smart View was developed to address “big data”; data sets that are large, complex, and often unpredictable in nature. This combination of ‘big data’ scale and advanced entity resolution analytics makes Smart View the right choice for the most difficult, mission critical Identity Intelligence challenges.